Challenges Faced by an Android App Development Company

Ever since the Android operating system entered the tech world, apart from taking it by storm, its journey has been on a rolling trip of up-gradation. We all are familiar that the genesis of Android as an operating system lies in Linux Kernel and other open-source software designed primarily for touchscreen devices. Early on android did not grow much in the tablet segment, in comparison to mobile app development services but since 2012 it has acquired a significant share in the tablets app development segment too. Android app or software has continued to feel the pressure from other OS in competition, primarily the IOS. In this cut-throat dynamic environment, app and software development companies are always been faced with tough challenges.

What is an Android app development company?

These companies are in the business of developing applications/software under Android OS to be accessed over various devices. The expertise is held in the usage of cutting-edge technologies by the ablest of minds, who always aim to raise the bars of standards set. Their purpose is to develop digital products, and they make sure to provide you with future-proof products to stay ahead of the competitors.

The rise of challenges in app development

Android devices generally tend to differ based on the hardware features even when powered by the same version of the Android OS. This is why it is essential that when developing apps for Android, developers create apps capable of targeting a diverse range of devices (mobiles, tablets, etc.) running on different versions of Android OS. For example, a mobile app development service provider has to present an app that can be accessed on different mobile phones. So to tap into a wider and whole diverse set of devices, the complexities and challenges are bound to emerge.

Challenges faced!

  • Hardware features: Android OS being open source software liberalizes anyone to upgrade and develop app/software-centric features irrespective of the hardware features of the devices which finally runs an Android version.
  • Security threats: Android is open-source software, and because of that, manufacturers find it easy to customize Android to their desired specifications. However, this openness and the massive market size make Android a frequent target for security attacks. There have been several instances where the security of millions of Android mobile devices has been affected by security flaws and bugs like FakeID, ‘Certifi-gate,’ TowelRoot, and Installer Hijacking.
  • Catch up to market dynamism: As mentioned initially Android app development and Mobile app development services are continuously under the heat of always evolving and innovating to survive the market hostilities. So a developing company must stay aware and on its toes to take the opportunity to lead whenever the time comes. 
  • Huge costs: Development of app and software involve sincere human efforts and in-depth research, experimenting and analyzing, and all this while using the best of minds and technologies which certainly have mammoth bills associated with them. 
  • API incompatibility: APIs (API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other) are made for making the app development easier. Not every function can be developed from scratch. Some need additional APIs to meet business-based unique goals such as authentication and maps. However, sometimes there will be an incompatibility between APIs and the device features. Developing an intuitive app by overcoming this issue is a challenging one for developers.
  • Storage issues:  App development mustn’t exceed the storage on offer by the device, so sometimes making the app device compatible in terms of space is challenging.
  • Patent issues:  The infringements of laws of copyrights and patents make it challenging to provide impregnable security in tune with the updates from Google’s copyrights. So developers especially in mobile app development services need extra caution.

Summary and way ahead

All these challenges are bound to exist in the tech segment where changes are happening in a flash, Android app development companies or mobile app development service providers will have to continuously toil hard to overcome these multitude of challenges put forth at them to provide flawless, robust, and successful apps with enriching Android experience.